Thank You

I would like to say a huge thank you to all of you for your hard work this year. It seems only a short time ago that we started our chocolate topic and now here you are, just about to start your final year at St. Joseph’s.

There are too many highlights to list individually, but seeing the way lots of you have grown in confidence and maturity has been lovely to see. Equally, lots of you have now grown into strong and impressive writers, while the way you approached your guided reading sessions made it easy for Miss Eccleston and myself to decide where to move your groups forward to next.

We have had lots of fun in our classroom, from making cakes to acting out plays, and using iPads to creating huge sewn skylines and sculptures. The way you have all given everything your best shot has made the class a pleasure to be in. Thank you.

I am sure I will be seeing some of you for maths next year, but if not, you are always welcome to pop into your old classroom for a chat, a singsong or to share some of your work.

Have a happy and safe summer.

Mr Connor.

End of Year book

Race for life

Today me, my mum and friend Lucy went to Darley Park to do the race for life.If you don’t know want it is it is a charity to raise money for cancer.It’s a 5k.My time was 44 mins and 40 seconds. I raised 500 pound for cancer.

I hope next year more people join in but it is only for girls.

Temple Run Story – Ending

Sliping,sliding and sluttering from the huge clif.
Guy Dangerous who had ginger hair ,fell into the dark blue water.
After that he was swimming for hours and hours to find and island and food.
Slowly he heard a noise.
A minute later he saw a hat of a pilot moving,he got it out and saw the pilot swimming.
Finally,they went out of the gloomy ,blue water and started to bulid a wooden ship.
Would they ever escape?

My temple run story!

This is a story about temple run.

My eyes fluted open to hear the sound of birds tweeting and the sight of monkey’s swinging. Swiftly, quickly but luxuriously  the monkey’s sawed through the trees. My strong arms pulled me up the trees as I searched for refuge then I saw the temple. I was exited because no adventurer as ever got inside. Finally, the temple. Who knows what was inside?

Slow writing – Javine

My running is to fast for these monkeys.They are behind me though,my heart is racing my and my mind is pondering, will I ever escape? My mind is racing my heart is pumping and I am running out of oxygen.As fast as a racing car I zoomed past the other monkeys.My legs rushing my arms flying,myself concentrated.Money is mine! A second later they have gone and I am wondering Will I ever pull through?!!! 

My Poem

The one that loves to dance


She is small, she is skinny, but she sure knows how to move her feet,

The one she hates said something horrid

And that one really is very solid

She said

“Make me scream, make me suffer but I’ll embarrass you like Katy Snuffer


She is small, she is skinny, but she sure knows how to move her feet,

She practiced and practiced until she was too good

And dance the night away if she could

She said

“I may be small, I may be skinny but baby I know how to move my feet


Thank you for reading! I wrote this all by myself!


The piano

The old man sat facing the piano, gazing into oblivion. Thomas pressed the dusty keys, creating his source of life, gathering his thoughts. He was alone in a pitch black room then suddenly his eyes opened to see.

A cold chill shivered down my spine as a recent memory came back to me. I knew something was on its way and coming here; cometh of my dearest companion- somebody so close to me . Somebody I once loved but has been extracted away from me. The memory came before me: blurring, hovering and confronting me. Recognizing her I smiled. She pressed the keys playing the same piece ; playing the most wonderful piece. It was a truly special lady- my wife. As she played her last note I felt her warm lips pressing against me cheek. She disappeared.

He  got out of his memory starting to feel alone in the same room as something dreadful came to him, something tragic. He suddenly felt a flash of guilt, knowing that he had to face something evil. Knowing that he had to come face to face with the devil inside. A fear painted his face as his world up side-down. He started to play faster.

Something began to come to me but thinking about it I would say It wasn’t a pleasant memory. It was a memory about the war, working as a medic. A of sorrow.

Suddenly, I saw it . Eventually I heard it. But who was it?. Bang! went a noise   like a lions roar. Who was he? I said Instantly realizing I had a gun! “Get down!” shouted the same man standing next to me. “Who are you?” I said to the man quizzically. He pulled an unknown face which I couldn’t tell if its I smile or a frown. “Cover me” I prepared my kit ” I’m ready”

” you sure ”

” yes “. He went out and I was un-prepared . Before I could blink, Bang! I rushed to the man. He was lieing down with red things- blood all over him I held his hand hard remembering who he was ; how much he ment  to me.

Thomas pressed the keys hard in frustration trying to forget injustice, the mistake, the sadness, the guilt.He suddenly remembered something else.

Digital leader meeting

Every Monday I have digital leader meetings with the other digital leaders.  In this weeks digital leader meeting Mrs kearney told us that the Governors were coming to talk to us next Tuesday.  We all had to chose something we can talk to them about me and Lucy C are going puppet pals.  Puppet pals is an app on the I pads.  On puppet pals you can make or take your own characters and you can make a puppet show you can chose more characters or you can get some of Google. Puppet pals is a good app to use if you are doing a puppet show, if you have got an I pad you can get it. It is a free app