My sleepover

On Saturday my friend Angelina came round for a sleepover.  My little brother and sister were so exited about her coming round.  When she came my brother couldn’t stop shouting.  Then we watched a little bit of the T.V.  After that my mum gave us something to eat.  After we ate we played a game on mini clip . At 8 o  clock my mum called us down stairs for lunch.  We had pasta for lunch, after lunch we said our prayers and went to bed. Having her round was so much fun.  She is coming again next Friday. 

My trip

Just before the half term  I went to a school in Chesterfield.  As it was a Friday    nobody was there. People come and live there in the holidays.  There is something that this school has that no other schools in Chesterfield has inside the school there are bedrooms with pillows and blankets there were bunk beds. There were some downstairs and there were some upstairs.  I slept on the top bunk with with my friend.  When we got there I felt sick and Chesterfield was full of animals and farms.  It was so much fun we played cricket, we had a barbecue. I really liked it, we were about to go swimming but it was cancelled because of the rain but we still had fun.  If I could go again I would go on a sunny day and go to the swimming pool.  I went there with Jelita, Emil and Nelwin and lots of other people.  We all had so much fun.


On Wednesday 2 weeks ago me,Dad,Oran,Niall,Joe,Alex and Tim all went camping in the forest of dean.When we got there Tim got my bike of the car and went to cycle on the track.There was a really big football pitch to play with different people.It was really good because we could play football match against them.When my Dad got everything out the car he started to put the tent up and the gazebo up as well.It started to rain at five o’clock but we got the tent up in time.There where people next to us who came from Birmingham who we where friends with.I really enjoyed that day because we made a new friend George.On the second day we got up in the morning and had breakfast and then went on our bikes around he camp site.It was really good because every night we had entertainment for everybody who was there.We went in the swimming inside for a hour.It was really funny because there was a jacuzzi and things you could play with in the pool.We got out of the pool and went back to our tent and got change for the entertainment the pantomimed about the Aladdin.On the third day we where going on our big bike ride up hills and down hills.We had to change in to gear 1 and 2.I really enjoyed the bike ride because it was really fun because it was really hard and a challenge for all of us.We got back from our bike then went in the swimming pool for 1 hour.When we got back to our tent we got ready for our entertainment.Then we got back and went bed.The next day we took our tent down a went back to Derby.

100 wc – Maria and Javine

Suddenly,I heard a sound.I have never heard it before. I thought this is  the end then I thought to myself sadly,maybe i’ll die peacefully,maybe even when momma and pappa will mourn for me! Ha,that will teach them for leaving me.SQAUCK!

“What`s that?”

Suddenly,The birds swooped down and… hit me on the head!  “OWWWWWWWWW!”I screamed, that hurt so bad blood was trickling down !I rushed to the nearest lake,my life is a mess I said, Momma and pappa are never coming back for me!They are staying in Hawii.They have got a house and  food.