New 100wc Prompt – Week #36

This week it is the turn of individual words. You will have 100 words to add to these:


They can be put anywhere in your writing and in any order but they must all be there. Make sure you think carefully about your writing and make it as creative as you can.

100WC- Molly & Rene

Mr C: Molly and Rene had a slight twist to their 100wc this week. Working together, they weren’t allowed to have any sentences the same length as one another. They were challenged to include sentences of 4, 5, 6 words, all the way to 14. How do you think they did? 

I should also mention that both Molly and Rene stayed in during some of their lunch-time to fine tune their work. Great commitment!

Light beat heavily down on the placid water. Waves of serenity swamped over me. Crackling in the  wind  was the tranquil melody of the herins orchestra. It carved through the stillness, leaving calico ripples in its place. In distress, the burnt copper fish thrashed with distraught anticipation. The bird swooped down and with its beautiful audacious power, it angelically dived streamline into the transparent looking-glass. Up into the air soared the bird. The fish, in desperation, hung on to the beak. Crash! Their end was upon them. The fish dropped downwards.

Niall 100wc #2

The glistening water shimmered as the crack of dawn broke, the ever elusive sun shone brighter than ever before a bird swooped down. I was cruising along in my speed boat when suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I saw a girl screaming for help, surrounded by sharks! The sharks, raging for blood my mind was set on one thing beating the sharks I dove in the girl now demanding help. Suddenly the sharks fled  in mortification! A dark shadow inclosed us in darkness! We scrambled in help back to my speed boat, ferociously squid slammed his tentacle to mark his territory.


100WC by Michaella and Emil

I was walking through the park today, suddenly the bird swooped down and stole my food, leaving a cut on my hand. I couldn’t believe it, it came out of nowhere! I’ve walked through that park a million times and nothing like that happened to me. The cut on my hand was shaped like an arrow, blood bursting out of it.

Later that day, while watching the news, surprisingly I saw the bird which had been in the park. The news reporter announced to beware of the bird from Australia traveling to Britain. I thought to myself I wish I had known about this before!

Our 100 Word Challenge

After a stressful flight, Bob and Dave stared at each other and then went to the theme park. Bob decided to have a hotdog. He was worried because there was to many birds and he was thinking if they might take it. It happened! Suddenly the birds swooped down and pooped on Daves head. They had to go home but they couldn’t there home was on the other side on the country (spain) and right now they were in Disneyland Paris. Bob and Dave fell over there flab and got pooped on a lot again and then a hunter came and shot all the birds… 

This is the 100wc that me and Joe D did. Please leave a comment.

100wc- Lucy G and Cian

I was really anxious at the airport wondering if we would  crash land. My mum was on private jet and it crash landed. I imagined fire to be swirling and the ocean to be roaring. It must have been extremely frightening. My mum died because of that.

 Sitting looking at the giant plane, my suitcase was only little so I couldn’t bring any toys . My life was a misery climbing up the steps,sitting on the plane. Heart pounding, hands sweating. We were flying. Suddenly,a bird  swooped  down and got stuck in the propeller  Could anyone help the bird?


A fat boy was eating a lovely sandwich and suddenly a bird swooped down and took it away.He couldn’t even get off the bench.Unusually  he split his trousers he still couldn’t lift himself up. Under the shooting stars he made a wish to get up one day.After a long afternoon he eventually got up but his sandwich was missing he could not run so he bounced on his flab.The bird dropped it but the boy didn’t know. Suddenly he noticed he had squashed his sandwich. The bird had pooed on it but he still eat it.

The dangerous vulture- 100wc

There once was a world of vulture’s but then they all started to die. Meanwhile humans started coming alive. All of a sudden the vulture’s stopped dying and there was only one left. 10 years later the vulture grew into a strong and dangerous vulture so all of the people were in danger. The next day the  vulture found a family walking along the beach. It hadn’t had any food for 2 weeks so he was hungry and the bird swooped down and took the baby. The bird took the baby back to it’s den and ate it the vulture got so full it died.

100wc – Annabel M and Kimi-Blue

The Ice-Cream Snatcher

On a hot summers day , I was walking across the pier when I saw something flying in the air above me. I reckoned it was one of those pesky seagulls .  Going for another lick of my ice-cream , I realised something . THERE WAS A CLAW IN IT ! I looked up and saw some ZOMBIE SEAGULLS . They looked inside out , the intestines dangling from its split open belly . In seconds , the birds swooped down and grabbed my ice cream with me still hanging on . Suddenly I felt this pricking sensation on my hand . They were pecking it off . I let go forgetting about the shark infested waters .


Ciara & Daniel 100wc

My mum died, it was the worst day. The only memory I have of her is when my dad said he wanted to die, but on that night that was it for my mum, she was gone. Her name was Emily Sharp. I think my mum haunts me every night, she sings me to sleep at night. She was the best mum ever; wife according to dad. I feel myself dying inside, I feel myself. I am a ghost. The back door’s wide open, I fly out. The birds swooped down and created a love heart, I could see her. “Mum, I really missed you”



All  aboard! The radiant sun shone on us as we bordered our flight to Spain, no one could have predicted what was going to happen next! The flight was going fine, better than had been predicted, I saw the birds swoop down and suddenly! The left engine was out! I was horrified, I didn’t now what to do. The horrorification of it. The foreseen horrors all awaited us in the shark ridden waters! The plane began to descend, we were plummeting back down to earth, faster than the speed of light, the plane fell into darkness, what would happen to us?

ANOTHER announcement

This time Molly D has been selected for the showcase blog in the 100wc. A huge well done to you Molly, the 100wc team were obviously very impressed – especially seeing as this was an entry that you did over half term.

Molly was one of 274 children who entered this week. Click here to see the full list.

New 100wc prompt – week 33

The prompt for this week came to Mrs Skinner when she was sitting in her garden:

…the birds swooped down and…

Some of you have been writing 100WC since September and I know you are now getting to be really excellent writers. Make sure your writing is really creative for your readers.