My Report On Bradley Chalkers

When I first saw Bradley Chalkers, I saw something in him that made me think he was troubled. When I was meeting him I wasn’t cross with him because I knew he could change, he just needed to  see me a couple more times. He was lonely and miserable because  of his life on the playground.

From what Bradley has been telling m, he is only a bully because he wants respect. His home life sounds quite hard for him because I think he feels embarrassed for the way he feels. I know he is keeping a big secret from me that I can help him with.

I helped him quite a lot by giving him my favourite book. He really likes the book; it made him become friends with Jeff again. I also helped him by talking to him about things he wants to talk about.  I think Bradley has changed a lot while seeing me.

I think he struggles to stay concentrated during class. Bradley just needs to create a bond with his teacher  Mrs Ebble.

He has jjust gotten used to having no friends and not doing his homework. When Jeff started school he wanted to be friend. Bradley was just surprised and now he has had Jeff as a friends and been to a birthday party, Bradley is a normal boy and has normal friends.

Into conclusion, I think Bradley Chalkers, he lights up my day every time I see him. I think Bradley has changed a lot and you should be  proud of him.

Carla  Davis

Carla’s Report on Bradley

Bradley Chalkers was the first child I talked to. I know he can change; it’s just he is afraid to. He didn’t know how to but I have shown him and is now what he always was on the inside.

His attitude towards school was the worst it could possibly be at first. He just needs to concentrate and he will have lots of gold stars. Now he is desperate for a star but doesn’t know how  to act for one. I vowed to myself I’d make him change and he has with my help.

I know Bradley wants to change but he thinks no-one will respect him if he does. Now he understands -I think- he won’t be worried any more. At first, he said he didn’t like me, but I am a professional and I knew he was lying- all the time! He wants friends, but doesn’t know how to get them. Bradley is misunderstood, which makes things even worse.

The worst thing happen now is that Bradley could go back to what he was at the start. As a counsellor, I hope he won’t and will be very successful in later life, which I am sure he will be. Otherwise, mine and Bradley’s work won’t have paid off.

Dear Parents, Bradley is now up to standard for behaviour at school. I’m sure he will be successful and will go up a grade next term, but will have to continue paying attention at school and completing his homework. I hope this will help your child and I hope he does well.

Carla Davies

Carla’s report ( intro )

I’ve been meeting Bradley Chalkers for a week now. He’s a hard headed child. He likes to get his hands dirty and his voice always seems grumpy. I think he needs help every time and every where. Some times I think he needs more respect from more people. When I first met Bradley, I never knew that he would be rude. I thought he was here just to talk about the grades. He’s a bully but I don’t think he wants to be like that I think he could change if he’s not afraid.

Don’t Panic! part 2

Here is another reason you should never panic in test, extended writes, homework, S.A.Ts or anything else………………..YOU WILL FAIL. You fail  because sometimes we human beings, over think and some weird junk pops into our heads.

There was always fights on this planet but this was the most epicest one yet and I’m not even sure if epicest is even a word. There is epic and I’m just adding a EST at the end which couldn’t cause any harm. Like I was saying, this fight is going to be the most epicest one yet.

What to read on? I will put the next bit next week.

My Poem About Bradley

I’m master Chalkers , a boy who doesn’t lose,

I’m the pro of bullies, of which I didn’t choose,

Carla is my role model ,who pulled me out of hell,

At first I didn’t like her so I told her she did smell,

Carla is a dove who fell out of the sky,

Life without her’s empty, I’d rather die.


School is just a waste of time for me,

I hate it, it’s somewhere I don’t want to be,

I hate the kids, I hate the staff especially the teachers,

Talking about me saying I’m all kind of creatures,

As Jeff’s gang swirls around me with a smurk,

Laughing like hyenas, they called me a fat jerk,

All of them,the bullies, called me coy,

But after all I’m only a little, lonely, fat boy.

Bradley’s Diary

Bradley’s Diary


Dear diary,

I went to see the guidance counselor today her name was Carla Davis.She was so pretty but I said she was ugly so I could keep my reputation.I bet Carla is broken hearted because I said that but I’m not going to say sorry.Carla gave me a piece of paper so I could draw on it so I drew the night sky

Bradley’s Diary

                                           BRADLEY’S DIARY



Today I went to see Carla, the new counselor. I liked it, but I didn’t let it show. I couldn’t let it show. People would just think I’m a wimp. Ronnie says it is alright to change your mind, though.

Jeff is so stupid. I mean, who would go into the girls bathroom? At least he went to Carla as well as me. I like Carla, she let me draw a picture. But, I know she is trying to trick me. I will never ever fall for adults tricks.

Bradley’s Diary.

Dear Diary,
Today at school I had to see the new school counsiler Carla Davies I really like her and I think she likes me.I was horrible to her encase she would tell other staff that I like her, she said she wouldn’t  Even though I called her ugly she’s still nice to me but I didn’t mean it.

Questions for Bradley Chalkers

We have spent the first part of our new Literacy unit reading ‘There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom’ by Louis Sachar. So far we have met Bradley, Jeff, Mrs Ebbels and Carla, who are very different characters with lots to intrigue.

Today, we did a little hot-seating to find out more about Bradley. Here are some of the most interesting questions that you thought of.

If you want to answer any (as Bradley), then leave your real name and the question number you are answering. If you would like to write any other kind of blog post as Bradley or any other character then do feel free!

1. Why do you think Carla would trick you? (Sneha)

2. How would you feel if someone knew about your stuffed animals? (Dylan F)

3. How did you feel when your Mum went to meet Mrs Ebbel? (Emil)

4. After you met Carla, do you think she might help you? How? (Mollie S)

5. If you started school again what would you do differently? (Annabelle)

6. Why are you so aggressive at school and not at home? (Dylan P)

7. Do you want your own friends; if you do, why are you so mean? (Lucy S)

8. How do you feel when people treat you differently (like Mrs Ebbel)? (Francesca)


100-WC Wierd friend

“Wake up son!” Ben’s mum called
“five more minutes mum.” Ben said
1 hour later, Ben went to school it was snowing.
After the school day Ben was going home and he found a piece of paper .
Ben got his as red as a tomato glasses and picked it up and read it .
It said Go to moon you need to rescue the world.
1 day later,Ben went to the rocket and he went to the moon.
Ben arrived he saw a blue blob he said “whats you name?”
the blob awnesered “Bluie.”
What is going to happen?

100wc Sneha

As I looked down,I saw starry space floating around, just then a blast of fire zoomed out at me from planet Earth.  In the window of the fiery thing I saw a delightful face staring out at me.Then the thing landed on the moon. The fiery thing had a square at the bottom coloured red and it had a cylinder white body. Just then a little foot stepped out of the thing onto the white silvery moon with a thump. As he landed he opened up his lunchbox and met an alien. Just then he fell of the moon. Thump!MarcusOnTheMoon Week#26


In the holiday I went to sundown with my mum and my sister Poppy came as well. We have been there before but there is a new part it is angry birds. Me and Poppy didn’t like it that much our favourite  part was the barrier ride because we got wet. My sisters favourite bit was looking in the fairy tale houses she liked looking at the witches cat when it made noises. Mine and Poppy’s second favourite bit was the go karts they were really fun too.

Story writing homework

If you are choosing to write a story as your blogging homework, here is the video.

Think carefully before writing – will you be man 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5? How do his feelings change each time? Each character has very different reactions…

Remember that you can write in any style you like – as a diary entry, a retelling, a first-person account – it is up to you! Think about what we discussed in class on Wednesday – get straight into the action!

I look forward to your stories.

Destiny from Bellecour 3D on Vimeo.