The nightmare

It was a fine cold afternoon a person called jim was resting after his job.He went to sleep unknown what meybe happen to him. Suddnly he herd a creek at first he thoght that might be a tree but it became loghder so he went do. Check it out he thoght somthing wered was gowing on jim opened the door… people  says that in the afternoon a invisable man comes  and killes the persone a sacrefuisess the human to the godes and never seen.

Bradly Chalkers diary (the change)



Lets just get one thing straight…… my mum forced me to write this diary when I specifically told her that I wanted journal . But really, I only wanted it  to scribble in it because of the fact that I had nothing to scribble on and Mrs Ebbel kept spotting me scribble on my desk. The main reason is that, what if one of the girls see holding my diary.   Coleen, Miranda but worst of all Loud mouth Lori- she can tell the whole school!

Tuesday (Morning)

The first thing I hear every morning is things like ” you sleep like a pig” or ” stop snoring Bradly! ” . It’s kinda funny in a way because if you look at their faces you would think that there going mad or something.

Because I am Bradly Chalkers I MUST take a shower occasionally, I recon about once a month???. This is when it comes to “pretending” .( Its basically lying).


 Your probably asking why does Bradly lie to every one except his cute and cuddly toys that does not do ANYTHING. well good question the answer is obviously because I am the one and only Bradly Chalkers the bully. Until I met Carla…………

London – Kew Gardens

Last summer I went to London with my mum, my brother Fin and my aunt Geraldine. We stayed in a hotel for 2 days near Kew gardens

It was really good and we got to see all around London as well as all around Kew.

I really enjoyed it at Kew there was lots to see and do I liked climbing the trees and seeing all the different plants and flowers.

They have really weird and strange flowers and cacti at Kew and things that don’t grow any where else in this country.

P1070085” alt=”Princess Diana Memorial Hot House – Cacti” />

This Picture was in the Princess Diana Memorial Hot House, They had some tanks with different tropical fish, and animals in as well.

They have a water tray outside the Hot House and There were Mud Puppies in it that I tried to catch. They are a bit like a small fish and a bit like newts.


We went for a walk in the tree canopy it is a big tall bridge that goes around the trees and you can see all around Kew and look at all the trees

This is another green house we are about 30 feet up and all these plants are really big like in a real rain forest.


In the Evening we walked around London seeing all the sites like Trafalgar square, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace

P1070186” alt=”Big Ben” />

P1070192” alt=”Buckingham Palace” />

This is a Guard along the way to the Palace

P1070185” alt=”” />

The next day we went to the Natural History Museum, it is full of animals and things about the natural world, like plants and trees and how things have changed.

These are some of the things we saw

P1070208” alt=”Whale – National History/Science Museum” />

P1070210” alt=”National science museum” />

P1070209” alt=”” />

P1070197” alt=”” />

This is an escalator that goes up into the earth, and then they have a shop set up so that you can feel a earth quake and everything moves and shakes around you

P1070201” alt=”” />

I really enjoyed my trip to London and I want to go and stay again there is lots to do and see.

My favourite place I went to was Kew Garden because they had lots to do and you can run around and climb trees and see all the animals and birds, it was a lot better then the museum because all the animals were dead there apart from some ants that were giant leave cutting ants, they were really good and you could see them in their nest.

I liked St. James park and Hyde Park they were good to.

What I’ve done in my holidays so far

Firstly I went to Derby County vs Bristol City.  Derby won 3-0 it was an amazing game because Jamie Ward scored.

Secondly I went to Kedleston Hall. When I first saw it, it looked like Buckingham Palace. When I went inside the hall the staff were doing a Easter chick hunt around the hall and I joined in. The first room I saw took my breath a way.

Then I went to see Derby vs Ipswich where Derby lost 1-0.

On Sunday the 7th of April I played a football match vs Belper.  We lost 1-0 but they scored from a free kick that the ref said was our free kick.

And yesterday I went to Elvaston Castle with my cousin Grace, it was such fun because I went on a walk.

Slow writing

One stormy night.There was a boy and a girl called bob and barberet.They walked quickly but didn’t look behind them.Because they were scared, they walked quickly. They heard a bang. the lightouse collapsed they tryed to run as fast as a cheetah but it caught up.

My Holiday

On my holiday I went to my cousins house in Gloucester. My other cousin from Bristol also came over and another one from Gloucester. I played on my cousins Wii and we gave them easter eggs. We all ate our easter eggs together on Easter Sunday. I stayed at my other cousins house in Gloucester the day after we came. We played football and cricket there. It was so fun. Then on Monday I left.

Lost in a cave!

Heart pounding                                                                                                                        Body shivering

Stomach rumbling

Mind blowing

Footsteps ecoing

Eyesight going

Getting scared

Going mad

Missing teddy




slow writing challenge

It was a gloomy day. I went to the lighthouse to se if a bout was stuck in the sea just then I heared a sking nouse it was getting closer and closer but I thinked what could it be a peanguen. My hands shiverd as it is getting closer I looked to the wal land saw a big shadow in front of me.I know there was somthing behind me. Then at that moment I had a flash back when I was little I saw the same shado as that exact moment I tryed to look be hined me but then…

Story writing homework

If you are choosing to write a story as your blogging homework, here is the video.

Think carefully before writing – will you be man 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5? How do his feelings change each time? Each character has very different reactions…

Remember that you can write in any style you like – as a diary entry, a retelling, a first-person account – it is up to you! Think about what we discussed in class on Wednesday – get straight into the action!

I look forward to your stories.

Destiny from Bellecour 3D on Vimeo.

The reason I should have my own blog

Dear Mr Connor,

The reason I should have my own blog is because I am very responsible and I would use it for sharing things that I have done over my life, share things all about me, share what I want to do in life. I would probably use it daily and if I was away from home I also would try and use it. Every time I go to blogging club I would add new things about what i’m going to do over the weekend. Also about what we are going to do in P.E. It would be very helpful because it would help me to not use my ipod touch as much. Using a blog daily would give me the confidence I need to make my writing better.

yours faithfully,Mollie’s