Slow writing – Javine

My running is to fast for these monkeys.They are behind me though,my heart is racing my and my mind is pondering, will I ever escape? My mind is racing my heart is pumping and I am running out of oxygen.As fast as a racing car I zoomed past the other monkeys.My legs rushing my arms flying,myself concentrated.Money is mine! A second later they have gone and I am wondering Will I ever pull through?!!! 

Temple run

Snatching the golden treasure without him knowing the they are the risks. The idol’s features shimmered upon the temple ceiling. Suspiciously, he heard howling monkeys in the distance.

As quick as a flash, came out him zooming out of the temple door and onto the ancient pathways, Fear painted his face making his face pale as a lion’s fur. Reaching his final destination but will he survive?… 

Who am I?

1)  I have 0 vertices, 0 Edges, 1 round face. 

2)  I have 2 face sone curved one and one flat, one vertices one edge.

3)  I have 6 faces all sqare shaped, 12 Edges and 8 vertices.  

4)  I have 6 faces all rectangle shaped, 12 Edges and 8 vertices.  

5)  I have 5 faces – 4 triangle ones and 1 flat squared one, 8 Edges and 5 verices.  

                              WHEN YOU ARE TYPING THE ANSWERS AS A COMMENT PLEASE PUT THE NUMBER of THE QUESTION.  THANK YOU.   This is a game on bitesize that you can try out!!

My Poem

The one that loves to dance


She is small, she is skinny, but she sure knows how to move her feet,

The one she hates said something horrid

And that one really is very solid

She said

“Make me scream, make me suffer but I’ll embarrass you like Katy Snuffer


She is small, she is skinny, but she sure knows how to move her feet,

She practiced and practiced until she was too good

And dance the night away if she could

She said

“I may be small, I may be skinny but baby I know how to move my feet


Thank you for reading! I wrote this all by myself!


The Piano

The frail old man slumped down in the giant black chair.  The dark and empty room was filled with sadness. He was all alone. His twitching fingers ran wild playing the piano. Gradually the memories came flooding in; the traumatic times clouded his mind!

An icy chill shivered down his spine as a recent memory came rushing back to him. He visualised her cold frail lips touch his face. Her wrinkly fingers delicately laid on the keys, he knew there was only one person who could play like that, it was his wife!  Delight filled his heart, but the pain of losing her never left him.

Suddenly his fingers danced on the keyboard, as fast as lightening, boom an echoing chill exploded into life, the enclosed secret was finally opened.  Guilt dripped down his face, his eyes bursting with slow tear drops, they showed the horror of what had happened. What would of happened if? would he be alive today? would he forgive me if he was here today? He was broken.  The memory of watching  and letting his army friend die still torments him today.

He immersed himself even deeper into his memories.  Cautiously he glanced up at his pale, old grandad, he laid the present before his very eyes.  For a while he stared, anxiously, almost frightened at it, you could see thoughts travelling round his mind, is it a chocolate bar? His heart was pounding as fast as lightening, he looked down tentatively at the thin white box, it edged closer.  Slowly his young healthy hand opened it, his heart stopped and his eyes widened excitedly it was a wooden horse – he cherished it for a life time.

The surreal hallucination finally ceased, he reluctantly drifted back into the real world.  Suddenly, a tall darkish, brown wooden horse galloped past his beady, hazel eyes.  His heart warmed and his chiselled old mouth and craggy face showed the expression of happiness.  His grandchild cantered  around the new illuminating  room in total exultation, nonchalantly the boy walked closer and closer to the glossy high spec black piano.  Slowly he sat down in the puffy leather chair and tentatively pressed on the last note, he glanced up.