Temple Run

Here is my temple run paragraph(Climax) which I had to do whilst doing Slow Writing.

He could hear the wall’s crumbling and could see the golden idol but could smell damp and wet dog.Slow,Cooling,Breezing wind blew on his face. Slowly, he reached for the idol. As he pulled the golden idol back he nudged one of the monkey statues and they came alive. This was it. What shall he do? Rrrruuuunnnn.

Temple Run Story – Ending

Sliping,sliding and sluttering from the huge clif.
Guy Dangerous who had ginger hair ,fell into the dark blue water.
After that he was swimming for hours and hours to find and island and food.
Slowly he heard a noise.
A minute later he saw a hat of a pilot moving,he got it out and saw the pilot swimming.
Finally,they went out of the gloomy ,blue water and started to bulid a wooden ship.
Would they ever escape?

Temple Run

How long left?Staring at the skies, with a puffy clouds and a bright coloured golden star, he wondered how his mum was doing.Suddenly, the plane struck down like a dead bird, he passed out.Awake and alive.As his eyes adjusted, he realised the pilot had gone so he searched for him immediately.

My temple run story!

This is a story about temple run.

My eyes fluted open to hear the sound of birds tweeting and the sight of monkey’s swinging. Swiftly, quickly but luxuriously  the monkey’s sawed through the trees. My strong arms pulled me up the trees as I searched for refuge then I saw the temple. I was exited because no adventurer as ever got inside. Finally, the temple. Who knows what was inside?

Slow writing – Javine

My running is to fast for these monkeys.They are behind me though,my heart is racing my and my mind is pondering, will I ever escape? My mind is racing my heart is pumping and I am running out of oxygen.As fast as a racing car I zoomed past the other monkeys.My legs rushing my arms flying,myself concentrated.Money is mine! A second later they have gone and I am wondering Will I ever pull through?!!! 

Temple run

Snatching the golden treasure without him knowing the they are the risks. The idol’s features shimmered upon the temple ceiling. Suspiciously, he heard howling monkeys in the distance.

As quick as a flash, came out him zooming out of the temple door and onto the ancient pathways, Fear painted his face making his face pale as a lion’s fur. Reaching his final destination but will he survive?…