kojo,s story

chapter 1

“Have you ever killed anyone?” Those 5 words echoed like a bell over lapping each other.Pascal as always, ignored me. “Have you if you have why did you do?Who was it?”

“Shut up, you are a right pain. Have you killed anyone ? Have you killed anyone?” Pascal said over and over again.

“Stop being mean” I retorted, feeling hurt.

“well be quiet and go to sleep then!”pascal said very fed up.

“Well do not expect me to talk to you when you are crying in the night”.I silently slipped into bed then pascal spilled water on me “Oi what do you think your playing at” I¬†shrieked.

“Shut up you will wake the pig up at this rate!”but then pascal burst out laughing. I changed for the second time and said “when I run away I am not taking you no way”.




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