kojos story

“Have you ¬†ever killed enyeone”?

This is so hard sweat dripping down my face talking to pascal. Sir darted into our room with the chain threaterning it with me.As quick as a flash “ahhhhhhhh!”

The next day,I woke up from my sweaty bed.This could be my day to get out of this horror.

Pascal was so hurt from getting hit from lechon he didnt go to lunch! I got him a bannna I was so close from getting caught.There I saw pascal shadow on a bush I ran over and gave him the banna but really it wasnt pascal it was lechon with the chain and all I saw coming was a chain arownd my face.I ran away

Im getting out of here tonight. im sick of getting beat from that fat bully.I cant take it eny more. As the moon rose and the sun died pascal mummbled to me when shell we go “NOW”But where Just follow me quick “what if ith gos rong.Trust me, As it got darker and darker we creeped out the doorI thought I saw a shadow but finaly I got out of the coco plantation.

Lets hide behind that brown murcy tree.ThereI saw day light,”run,run!yes finaly.As the sun was bazing down I ran. I tried to look for my foster parents.I darted round the villige looking for them

In the distance I saw my mum and dad.”mum,dad What are you doing here ,?I was over joyed to see my family finaly im in my familys arms.Mum and dad had a suspishes look in there eyes.It wasnt the look I expected. Quietly they said your going back to that coco plantation.Get in the back of the truck Now my heat sank into a million peices. As we ¬†pulled up, I saw Lechon.

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