My pet hamsters

As an early christmas present ive got 2 russian dwarf hamsters. Here is a image of one we called nibbles because the other did not come out.
my hampster (1)
Here is a picture of their cage it has no bars so they can not escape!

my hampster (3)“>
I have put some wood shavings in the cage and then some tissue paper for them to sleep on and some card board tubes for them to play with.

They have been fighting with each other because they have a new home. I have had them for justΒ 3 days and so have had to leave them to settle down they have bit me a few times already but they are just playing.

I will update you with any news as they settle in to their new home


14 thoughts on “My pet hamsters

  1. That is an exciting Christmas present Joe! What do you have to feed the hamsters? Does Spike like them??

    What did you call the other hamster?

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