My Christmas Chocolate making

We have been looking at chocolate for our topic work so for our class party I had to bring some sweets to share so I asked my mum if we could make some.

With my mum we made some reindeer lollypops with chocolate and strawberry laces for antlers. my mum put the chocolate on the sticks and then I decorated them to make the faces.

chocolate treats 2“>

chocolate treats3“>

I think they look really cool.

Next we melted some more chocolate and then I put the chocolate in to some Christmas chocolate moulds.


We had reindeer moulds and christmas puddings and penquin moulds

chocolate treats (3)“>

here is a picture of the finished chocolates, I cant wait to eat them at the party

chocolate treats (1)“>

Hope everyone likes them.

15 thoughts on “My Christmas Chocolate making

  1. These look fantastic! I’m looking forward to seeing them at our Christmas party 🙂 Did you make the smaller chocolates the same way as we did in class?

  2. Joe these look great! I am pleased to see that you are putting your chocolate knowledge to good use. Did everyone enjoy them?

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