My Cats!

My cats ( Little Mo and Sienna ) where done so they can’t have babies because Mo is a boy and Sienna is a girl and Mo can make her pregnant, anyway they where done  2 weeks ago tomorrow.

Today is a special day because it is the day they fully recovered and little Mo did not have a cone on but Sienna did. I think that is unfair, Do you?? I love my cats to bits and today I cuddled Sienna because it is the first time in two weeks I could. I hope you enjoyed my news and I will tell you more when something about them happens. Thank you for reading!!

4 thoughts on “My Cats!

  1. sorry I did not take any pictures but it was funny because the lady said they where meant to calm down but Mo jumps like Bambi and Sienna jumps you and to my bed and me and Francesca have bunk beds.

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