My Christmas

This year I had a wonderful Christmas.After a restless night of relentless turning,  my sister and I awoke up at 7:00. Then, we … up are drier-eyed parent’s. When we were all, nearly, awake I scarpered down stairs. To tear open crimos  wrapping-paper that revealed a ‘ bladeztoyz ‘ remote control helicopter, a Swiss army knife, Venus fly trap seeds, a kit to make candles and a guitar that I will soon learn to play. Most of the day we tried out are new games and helped make the cranberry sauce.

For Christmas dinner, we had a Mediterranean vegetable Wellington, steamed asparagus, green beans and carrots, as well as roasted potatoes and brussel-sprouts.

We had a Quiet evening, at the end of the day we huddled around the fire and watched       ‘ The Christmas Carol ‘. Though it was simple it was a memorable and wonderful Christmas.


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