Hobbit with my Dad

This christmas I went to watch the Hobbit which was surprisingly 3 hours long!The screen brightened the pitch black room. I really was astonished because its the first time my Dads stayed awake for the hole film. In my opinion I think the film is better than the book because the film helped you understand the storyline. I’m still reading the book though and I might change my mind. One of my best films. Age rate:Its got some gory bits so about 7+.

3 thoughts on “Hobbit with my Dad

  1. did you like the hobbit because ive seen it but think it had bit of a dead ending its a good job there making a 2nd and 3rd. is the book better than the film

  2. I have to agree with you Luke, I enjoyed it too and managed to stay awake through out the whole film which was a miracle.

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