London poem


Look around see every glum and quiet no talking is required.

On a tube up and down no happy faces its all  upside down.

No not one conversation everybody sighs and sits in a slump.

Does it ever come to there mind to open up and speak?

On every rusty day the travel back to earn there pay.

No I do not think they can speak there mind has taken time.


11 thoughts on “London poem

  1. What a thoughtful poem Javine. Where did you get the inspiration for this?

    I love the rhetorical question you have used in the fourth line – I sometimes think this too!

  2. Love the poem and imagery Javine.

    As someone who lives outside London but sometimes travels on the tube I’m always fascinated by the blank, impassive, impersonal atmosphere on the underground trains. I love the line:
    `On every rusty day the travel back to earn there pay ‘
    as it captures the monotonous boredom perfectly.
    Fantastic atmosphere captured in your writing. A poet of the future! Keep it up!
    I manage a teacher training course with 30 primary teachers and am thoroughly impressed by your work. Will use your school blog to inspire future teachers!

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