Slow Writing Challenge

The icy slope stand so innocently failing to expose the sharp inconsistent incline. A death trap.For anything to come across ,the misfortune of encounter, with it,is destined to the bleak sombre grave. Like a Purple-necked Pitcher Plant it seems so virtuous  but holds a heart-wrenching secret. Blissful children doomed to there unforeseeable deaths. Obliviously, they veer down it’s forgiving banks and into the arms of despair.

5 thoughts on “Slow Writing Challenge

  1. You have used a wide range of vocabulary to great effect here Rene – I especially like the phrase ‘holds a heart wrenching secret’ – I think this needs to go on the Magpie Wall!

    Please read your first sentence again – you vary your tense which makes it a little confusing to the reader. Also, in your final sentence, you have used the word ‘forgiving’. This gives the impression that the banks of the hill will not harm the children – is this what you intended?

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