Slow Writing-Annabelle

The snow looked as sparkly as a twinkling star and as white as a feather on a dove. I was amazed. My cats, who were wondering what was going on, looked outside. The floor was like a cloud form Heaven. I stood there in shock and amazement. Eventually I went outside.

5 thoughts on “Slow Writing-Annabelle

  1. Wow, you have put lots of powerful words in to your slow writing challenge. My favourite sentence was the first one because it has lovely description. Well done Annabelle!

  2. This really shows how you (or your character) felt about the snow – lots of awe and wonder at the sight! I enjoyed your similes in sentence one, and well done for using a subordinate clause properly.

    I look forward to your writing being just as descriptive and well punctuated!

  3. Hello Annabelle,

    I think this story was listed in the 100 Word Challenge by error and by chance your entry was in the group I visit. What a wonderful surprise to see such a slow writing entry instead. I felt I had to leave a comment anyway.

    You have made good use of similes when describing snow in your first sentence. Similes can help paint pictures in the minds of readers. I can see you have also used commas to effectively so a phrase could be included to make a sentence more interesting.

    Well done! Perhaps another time I will see a 100WC entry from you. 🙂

    @RossMannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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