slow writing challenge

The icy winds glissened in the sun, ice as far as the eye could see, then I saw a mystical shadow emerge out of the branches. Crack Crack CRACK! I could feel it getting closer every second, my hairs stood on end I started to shake, fear painted our faces. The ice slowly but gradually started to crack the monster was as big as a truck. My  mum and I were separated ”aaaaaarrrrrrrrr”. Quietly I picked up a branch and hit it, he picked me up my mum screamed for help, who was going to hear us?

4 thoughts on “slow writing challenge

  1. Wow this is an amazing piece of writing. I love your use of adjectives.I love your ending, it really made me sit on the end of my seat .

    What happens next?

    • Hi Issie.

      Slow writing is just as it sounds – writing slowly! We usually choose an image to write about and then carefully write 6 brilliant sentences about it. It is all about quality rather than quantity!

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