Writer of the week

This week’s writer of the week is Javine, who, as part of our RE topic on vocations, wrote in role as somebody wanting to become a priest. As you can see, it is moving and heartfelt, and she has worked really hard on her punctuation as well. Well done Javine!


4 thoughts on “Writer of the week

  1. I really like this letter because it’s got very good use of wow words and punctuation. When you read the letter Javine has written, it makes you go warm and fuzzy inside. Well done Javine!

  2. Well done Javine! This is an excellent letter. It really brings to life the commitment that must be felt and shown to join the Priesthood, well done, keep it up!

  3. Javine you should feel very proud of yourself! I think that you have written a great letter which really conveys the commitment that young people giving their lives to God must feel.

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