Great Fire of London: eyewitness accounts

On Friday we were refreshing our memories about the Great Fire of London – why, when, how and where it started, as well as exploring the reasons why it spread so quickly.

We worked in pairs to interview characters who were there on those fateful days in 1666. Some children wanted to be Samuel Pepys, others were Thomas Farriner, while there was some great role-playing and imagination from children who put themselves into the situation.

Can you guess who is who?


6 thoughts on “Great Fire of London: eyewitness accounts

  1. hi we did fire of london in y3 its really fun isn’t it in y3 we made card bord houses and then we all got dreast into clothes what people in 1666 and then 1
    of our teachers put all the card bord houses on our field but before he set them on fire!! He made sure every one was behind bars so no 1 would get hurt. and then! he set them on fire

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