100 word Challenge

I couldn’t help myself. It entangled me in it’s vice like grip. I couldn’t think for myself. It was a growth that had attached itself onto my brain. My thought’s had been obliterated. The words repeated in my head in a pulsating mutter: the key, the key. It’s killing me, crushing my soul. Soon I’ll just be alive; a shell of a child, nothing more than a body that I used to be. Now I’m so much more since the key. I have been different ; as time goes by I will become less and less like I used to be.

5 thoughts on “100 word Challenge

  1. I agree with Sneha – it reminds me of a Sally Grindley story as it goes straight into the action.

    It is clear that your character has gone through some kind of torment. I really want to find out how and why the key has changed this person. What will happen next??

    You talk about being ‘alive, a shell of a child…’ then you say ‘Now I’m so much more’. I wonder if swapping the words ‘soon’ and ‘now’ would alter the meaning. What do you think?

    • I think it changes the fact that when it says ‘soon’ there is still the element of hope that sanity might come back to her but by using now it is as if there is little left to do.

    • Thank you for your coment I have have thought of many alternit ending for this story but I personally think that it’s best left a mystery

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