No love

It was a cold, windy, rainy day today. I haven’t seen the sun for weeks. My parents are always at work in the offices and I am left at home alone almost everyday. I usually read my book to keep me entertained for a while. Then they come in at about 9.00pm. I tuck my self into my warm, cosy bed and dream about running over the meadows with my mum and dad holding their hands but that’s just a dream so I know it will never happen.

It’s the morning and the weather hasn’t changed at all. As always, my parents are going to work and  I have to walk to school which is an hour and a half away. It’s in Oxford and I’m in Derby. This evening I was going to ask my parents if we could do something special  but I think the answer will be no because they don’t bother with me.

I am back at home and I had to stay at school for an extra hour because I wasn’t paying attention during class. So it’s 7.00pm now and I’m very bored. I have a horrible head ache and I feel sick so I am definitely going out for a walk to clear my mind.

I’m staying off school today because there is something I need to do. I am packing my bags and leaving my village. If my parents won’t give me any love, why should I be staying here where I have no attention? I hope this is the right decision. I will leave a note on their chester draws saying:

I am leaving this village becuse no one gives me anything. Don’t bother trying to find me becuse you will not find me. I will hide where no one will ever find me. From Izzy.

That’s my letter. I hope they will understand. The thing my parents have to realize is that I love them but they don’t love me.




12 thoughts on “No love

  1. Lucy, this is a terrific piece of writing. You have clearly thought carefully about the troubled emotions felt by Izzy and you have sent this message across very clearly.

    I really enjoyed the way you organised your work; each paragraph showed a new step in Izzy’s journey, until she finally makes the tough decision to leave home.

    Your use of simple and compound sentences really highlight the way Izzy might have been thinking as well – and the punctuation used throughout is excellent.

    Where did you get the inspiration for this?

  2. That is a wonderful story!
    Well done!
    My favourite bit was It was a cold, windy, rainy day today. I haven’t seen the sun for weeks.

  3. Well done Lucy,

    I was intrigued by the title and the story didn’t disappoint me. The way you wrote really highlight how Izzy felt. It’s sad that her parents didn’t show her any love.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. This is a great story, well done!

    The way it is written in the first person really draws the reader in and makes it seem very real.

  5. What a sad story Lucy. You have really expressed Izzy’s feelings well and you have left me wanting to know what happens to her next – I do hope there is a happy ending!

  6. Wow, i love the way the 3rd paragraph ends ‘ I am definetely going for a walk to clear my mind’
    Hollie, North Newton

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