A chocolate poem

Have you tasted chocolate?

Taste it and see


and good to eat

Good snack

keeps me going

In every shop

and in every poem

If your looking for chocolate

Its easily found

Its everywhere

Its all around!

16 thoughts on “A chocolate poem

  1. Dear Maria,

    Your poem makes me hungry. I like to eat chocolate.

    From: Meme – Shrewsbury international school bangkok

  2. dear maria

    yum yum! good poem. It makes me hungry. Is your favorite sweet chocolate? My favorite sweet is chocolate.

  3. Dear Maria,

    I also really like chocolate, but i don’t eat very much of it and it makes me happy and makes me do everything myself.

    From Pearl – Shrewsbury International School Bangkok

  4. Your poem makes really hungry. 🙂
    My favourite bit was Have you tasted chocolate?Taste it and see yummy,delicious and good to eat.

  5. This poem makes me really hungry too!!! I really like your poem you have used some great words to describe chocolate!!

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