500 word challange

This is my 500 word challange and I wanted to show you so here it is;

One day, a girl called Rosie found two kittens. She did not know what to do because they were tied up in a bag ,so she thought who was cruel enough to do this? Rosie took the bag gently home and cut it open. Rosie examined the kittens and they had a collar on them, so she rang the number on the collar. They were the crazy cat lady’s over the other side of the street. Rosie thought that if she kept them then she would not have to go the crazy cat lady’s  house again and have the cats business on her sandwiches. The kittens were only small so she had to feed them with milk.

She went to the shop and bought this special milk. Rosie thought she should feed them with a tiny bottle, so she did. Rosie knew something was happening because one of them was bigger than the other. She asked her mum  to take her to the vets and it turned out that they were not from the same litter of kittens so they could have babies. She knew that they were having to keep lots of cats so she wanted to have a building for them and it could be luxury for the cats. 

A couple days later, the kittens were born so they had to name them. There were now 8 cats in the house. Rosie called the older two cats Sienna and Mo and the younger six, Billy, Molly, Millie, Buster, Beryl and Whiskers. She chose those names from a website because she couldn’t come up with names cute enough to call them. Rosie went to the shop and  brought home a lot of toys for the kittens to play with. The kittens loved them. The kittens were teething so she had to give them proper food.One day she came home from school and …the cats had pooped all over her best dress so she went mad but her mum let her order another one.

There was nothing bad about the kittens except that one thing and they did it for a reason and that reason was; their litter-tray was dirty.By the time the cats were 2 months old, the building was built and it was masive, because it was masive they made 3 bedrooms and two other rooms for them and the rest for the cats.

They moved out of there house but something happened. One of the cats were missing. They searched everywhere but her cats was nowhere  to be found. They found it in the end and it was in one of the moving boxes. From then her friends always came round to play  and never wanted to go home because it was so big.They loved to talk about things like cats, boys and much more.They loved to play with the cats,Rosie’s toys and her new baby brother, baby James. They had a happy life from then.They never wanted it to end.

4 thoughts on “500 word challange

  1. Wow this is an amazing story Chiara .I was on the edge of my seat because I thought Rosie was going to give the cats back to the mad old cat-woman. I am so glad yours was a happy ending

  2. Thank you for the comments, I did it mostly at my house so I had more feellings come through my body! 🙂 If anyone thinks I have to have something to improve then just comment please!;)

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