5 thoughts on “My 500 Word Challenge

  1. Thats really cool! But also incredibly violent. I liked the description, it was like I was the man in the story. It seemed to be a really quick stop at the end though. Thanks!
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  2. This is a Great story. I espeasially like the tence atmophere you created it the begining by using ‘night has come’ as your opening sentence you realy entice the reader to go on. It was well corigraphed. Maybe you could have expanded the relationship that developed between the police woman and the murderer.

  3. I agree with Rene – there is real tension and suspense all the way through. Your character has really come alive through your description and I can almost imagine being in the woods, watching all of these events unfold.

    We spoke about your use of the present tense – it is difficult to write in this way but you have done it very well. There are still a couple of moments where you slip back into the past though. Can you find them? (any changes you make on your Google Document will automatically update here).

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