Why I should have my own blog.

I am writing to say why I should have my own blog.

Firstly, if you give me a blog I would write about everything that has happened in lessons and all that I have leaned. If im on holiday I would even write about what it looks like!I would write about the shows and when the dates are.

Secondly, I know I hardly ever use the Y5 blog but if you give me my own I will be on it all the time. It will be crammed full of ideas news and what I have learned. All the posts will be from me. I will try to do as much posts as possible.

Finnaly, It will be a dream come true and how would you feel if one person had a blog but you did not, wouldn’t you feel like a rain cloud was sitting above you? If I dont get a blog,will you please make a dancing, singing and drama blog.

Thank you for spending your time listening.

3 thoughts on “Why I should have my own blog.

  1. I agree with Annabel – this is very persuasive. You have made it clear that you would be keen to blog on your own more than you would on the year 5 blog. Why is this?

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