Why I should have my own blog

Dear Mr Connor

I am writing to you to let you know I want my own blog!

Reason one: I should have my own blog because I would post all my work and I will be on it all the time. I love sharing my work on this blog so I will love sharing my work on my blog even more and that is only if I get one.

Reason two: How would you feel if you wanted something but you did not get it? That’s how I would feel because when I do bloging it feels like everything is lifted off me and gone into the computer.

They are the reasons I should have  my own blog.

4 thoughts on “Why I should have my own blog

  1. I know you are a keen blogger and I’m sure you would use your own blog regularly, if you were to have one.
    What kind of things would you post on it Chiara?

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