Why I should have my own blog

These are the two reasons why I should have my own blog. Look below.

Reason one: I post posts onto the year 5 blog as often as I can and I constantly check the year 5 blog and respond where needed as quickly as possible. I think it’s a fantastic, modren way to keep up to date with what’s going on and it is definitely the way foward.

Reason two: If I get my own blog I can share my experiences and feelings with others and encouarge them to do the same. Also I can show people that are unsure how to do it. I am confident with blogging and feel that my experiences and thoughts will be of interest to other people.

By Lucy G

2 thoughts on “Why I should have my own blog

  1. Two very persuasive reasons Lucy – I know you are a keen blogger and you are always looking how to add new things to your blog posts.

    What kind of things would you blog about?

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