Why i should have my own Blog

Dear Mr Connor,

I feel that I am the preferable candidate to have my own blog because I believe this will be a beneficial learning experience; I can get feedback and constructive criticism  from a wider range of people making my writing more advanced and improving my perspective and interpretation of writing.

I will attempt to make regular updates and make each visit to my blog worth while. I also will always be looking for new ways to improve my blog  and insure my posts are of the highest quality. I will have the chance to broadcast my work and develop a larger array of Technics and styles. I will relish my rare opportunity to be creative and make a unique reading experience for anybody that visits  my blog.

Not only will I benefit from a blog but  also the school blogs will be given an advantage; I will assist in publicising the blogs with links and tags helping to promote our schools’ learning.

To conclude, I should receive a class blog because: it will aid me in gaining skills and developing my brain;I will refurbish my site frequently and make intriguing posts that were well thought through and advertise schools work.


Yours Faithfully


6 thoughts on “Why i should have my own Blog

  1. You have given a very convincing argument here Rene. I know that you read and respond to comments that are left for you, so I agree; it would help you to further your skills in writing.

    I like the way you have described using tags and links to broadcast other work in school as well – a very unique idea 🙂

  2. Wow, you sound very orginized and responsable! 🙂 I think you have probably convinced mr Connor and if you have I would like to hear about it I think this is a great oppitunity, I have read some other blog posts about this new blog and yours is the best so far it will probably boost your english skills ( you might already be good at english, but this might make you even better!) I cant wait to hear about the results! Good luck, Rene! 🙂 Also, if you get your own blog you can tell me the address and I would like to visit it sometime!

  3. Cool I wish I could have my own blog even though it is a very big responsibility! I think that if you know that you can be responsible enough I think you can have your own blog.

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