My holiday

In Monday the 18th of February, we went to a birthday party. I thought it would be boring at first but when my friends came it became whole lot better. The party didn’t actually started yet because the birthday girl wasn’t here even though its their party! One thing I found weird is her mother’s birthday too. When they started the party we had to do a prayer. After,the prayer we had to eat straight away because everyone was hungry. We didn’t really had a lot of games. I didn’t join the first game because we had to pop as much  balloons as we can without using a needle. We had to use our body to pop the balloons. I didn’t like it because i hate it when it pops because most balloons were loud. Maybe as loud as my voice. My ears feels weird when everyone was popping the balloons. Then,that game we had to pin a heart where it belongs. I joined in that game because I was forced to do it because of my friend. I was 2nd place. Next, we danced. All the adults were dancing on the floor. My friend Thomas danced on the stage. No one told him to. He did just for fun. I joined in after. I felt like I can do what ever i want. Then, Joaquin came and tries to copy Thomas. I followed Thomas’s dance move to. We did the dogie, gangnam style  and more.

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