My trip to the zoo!

Last year my family and I went to the Dudley zoo. It was chilly but I did not mind one bit. It was a long jurney and on the way I saw a lake. Looking at the murky water I nearly was sick. Finally,what seemed like forever, we were there. When we went in my brother and I went to the oppistit door with out thinking. Mother and father came slowly behind us. The first animals we saw were Flamingos. It looked like they were doing gymnastics but in a Flamingo kind of way. Next, we saw some Owls and Monkeys. The Owls were just standing on pearches that was boring and the monkeys were lying on the floor like they were deid. As we walked down,we saw more monkey and we saw a gorilla that kept rocking side to side and sometimesgot dirt up from the ground,climed to the uncealed roof and threw it out. Next,we saw people feeding Seals and Peguins. They were cute. We also saw some tigers and lion. The tiger was sleeping and the lions were tame. They only sat there like sleeping ducks but a bit bigger. After all that, we saw chipmunkes and little animals.We also saw porcupines lieing together sleeping. Finally,we had finished the long walk.We jumped in the car and drove away.

5 thoughts on “My trip to the zoo!

  1. Dear Maria

    I really enjoyed reading your text because you used so many powerful adjective.
    When I went to Singapore I also saw pink Flamingos.
    And I also saw many types of Owls when I went to Australia as well as kangaroos.
    You are so lucky that you saw a porcupine, I never saw porcupines before.

    Are there any other more animals you saw at the zoo?
    Was there a show of different animals?
    Were there sea animals rather that seals?

    From Lena

  2. Dear Maria,

    I hope you like going on your trip to the zoo.
    When I went to the zoos in London and Japan all animals seem energetic and happy and the monkeys were swinging from tree to tree and all penguins were very cute too!

    Were all animals looking bore

    From Minmin

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