Why I feel I should get my own blog.

Dear Mr Connor,

I am writing to you to tell you how vital it is that I get my own blog.

Firstly,if I get my own blog it would help me to improve my work and it would give me an amazing chance to show off my story’s .This could help me extremely in later life as I would love to become an author .

Secondly, I would put a link  on the side of my blog to advertise  stjosephsblogs.net to get more visitors on our school blog from all around  the globe.

Thirdly, all the posts I have produced are at a good quality if I had my own blog I would produce even more work at the same high quality.To make readers from everywhere want to read more.

Also I have assess to a laptop or computer at my house meaning I have alot of equipment that could easily get to my blog which means I would be able to update my blog every night so my readers would not get bored.

If I got a blog I would insure: it is always updated; the posts are good quality and everything put on it would be interesting

Thank you for reading.


4 thoughts on “Why I feel I should get my own blog.

  1. You have clearly thought about how you could use your blog to help both yourself and other children at our school. I agree that your posts have been of a high quality so far – I don’t have any doubt that you will continue to do this.

    I think blogging every night might be a bit much to ask though!

  2. AWESOME! i also wish i had my own blog! I think it is a great idea to have your own blog. It would be able to show your teacher that you have enough responsibility to have you own blog. Very cool idea.

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