8 thoughts on “MY HOLIDAY IN POLAND!!!

  1. Wow it looks like you had a great holiday whilst you played in the snow .
    My grandad was polish so I am quater polish but I have never been and wondered if you could answer some of these questions .
    Is it very cold ?
    Do you have to wear lots of layers to keep you warm ?
    What sorts of foods do you eat there ?
    Is the house modern ?
    Does it snow all the time ?
    Please answer these questions and vist our blog at http://y5stubbins.primaryblogger.co.uk/

    • Its cold some times.
      No its not that cold.
      We eat like chicken,pizza lots of vegtables.
      The houses are diffrent they have diffrent colours like blue,green.yellow and lots more.
      No it just snow in winter and in summer its really hot.

  2. I never go to Poland.

    Does it cold and what was the temper.
    Is it fun?
    Making a snowman is it hard or easy?

    From mick

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