500 wc

      Nowhere  to be Safe!

Creak! Creak! my heart pounded, I saw a lurking shadow appear. Fear painted mine and Kimi’s faces. Out of the corner of our eye’s we saw a old abandoned shed but we didn’t expect to find the dark horrors within. The shed was plastered in blood, spelling out revenge I slowly started to bleed Bang! we quickly grabbed anything we could and barricaded the door, we had to escape without the monster seeing us “we could dig a tunnel and dig our way home or we could just go out the window” Niall suggested.
“NO!” Bellowed Kimi “we should fight it like a man”
“are you serious we will be killed” “we might be able to distract it with a decoy tho”, we pondered. “Yes! that is it we could use a lady but we will have to make it” bang “quick the door isn’t going to hold much longer” Kimi said nervously
“Finished” there was silence then footsteps leading away, we jumped out of the window and legged it away, but he saw use. We ran to my house but the monster was gone. We thought it would be the end of that but it wasn’t.

The next day we decided to return to the scene of our fears.  Kimi and me went to the forest, being as brave as we possible could.  We scanned the area many times, were we in the wrong part of the forest? the shed was gone. For what felt like ages we retraced our footsteps, a cold shiver went down my spine, we were frozen to the spot at the thought, the shed was really gone. How or why we may never find out or did I dream it.  That was impossible as not only did I dream it but Kimi must of too, NO NO NO that cannot be true. We followed the footsteps again but this time, they stopped, we looked up there was an old creepy house we didn’t dare go in it. Something lured me in, I couldn’t put my finger on it. An old woman appeared the next thing I’m surrounded in complete darkness! I see a figure appear out of the darkness, it approach me, my face started to sweat suddenly I heard a girl screaming HELP HELP it was  hopeless I was strapped to a table. Light came on, the old woman’s face was so wrinkly and scary, Kimi was still not awake. I spotted a knife next to me, I could cut the rope I thought but I couldn’t reach it, she forgot to tie my legs I scraped it off with my foot. Then I grabbed it and cut the rope and then woke Kimi up but he didn’t wake. I started to cut his rope, I grabbed a metal pole and scouted for the old women. For revenge of killing my friend I found her and knocked her out I went to get Kimi he was gone!




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