One day I was walking home I was crossing the road when a car came speeding at me it wasn’t stopping but then the car stopped suddenly. There was no driver all there was is a shadow. Ran back home screaming I was so scared that day because I didn’t know what to do what to say. Luckily I have never seen that shadow again. I still wonder what it was how did it drive a car. The next day I was walking home by myself now one around then I saw a shadow`it was that thing that that horrible thing.

4 thoughts on “100wc

  1. Well done for entering the 100wc Kimi! You have written a very imaginative piece and I would love to know more about that creepy sounding shadow. I sometimes found your story a bit tricky to read, perhaps to improve you could check punctuation and include some commas? Keep up the brilliant writing and I hope to see you writing on here again 🙂

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