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The Regular Farm Girl. Look below. 

Tuesday 12th May: My name is Honey Meadows, and I live on a farm. It’s quite an easy life but it’s not easy when you need to muck out the horse’s stables. I live in Canada and I don’t go to school. I wish I could go to school to get a good education but my parents says it wastes too much time. I want something interesting to happen to me in life and I want to find something that no ten year old had ever found before. I have a normal cow-girl style but no one likes it. I think I should wear whatever I want to wear in my opinion.

12.00pm:My parents are the most famous horse carers in the world. They have to go away for two hours every day with Smartie (one of our horses ) to compete in a jumping competition. So, while my parents are away I read a book on a huge pile of hay stacks.

12.15pm:Two very boring hours later, my parents finally came back from the competition. They didn’t win but for once I actually didn’t care. “Honey, my mother shouted from outside, we have something to tell you.”
“ Tell me what mama?” For a minute I thought some dreadful thing has happened.
“ Me and you father have some awful news. Smartie has had a terrible accident and he had to go to the animal hospital.”
“ W-w-what? Why did you even take him out to a competition when you knew he had rusty bones?” I sobbed all evening and I hated myself for not stopping him from going to compete. I cried my unforgivable self to sleep.

Wednesday 13th May: It’s the morning and I am going to go and see Smartie at the hospital. My teeth are chattering and I am horrified what state he may or may not be in. My hands are sweaty and I really am frightened.

5.45pm: I’ve been to the animal hospital and Smartie is in a spacious room lying down. The vet said that Smartie has a broken leg and it is very serious. “ Dad I asked, what are they going to do t-to him?”
“ I don’t know sweetie, I don’t know.”

7.55pm: It’s almost 8.00pm and we are expecting a phone call from the vet. I am shivering and I feel sick. My heart is thumping and I hope Smartie is okay. “ RING RING RING!” The phone rang. It’s the vet. I ran behind mum and squeezed her arm. “Oh-o-oh- ur- ok-sniff” Dad seemed extremely upset. “Dad w-w-what’s wrong?”
“Smar-t-tie has to get p-put down.” From this day nothing good has happened to me and I will never find anything that no other ten year old would find out. All I will find is sadness and misery. I don’t know what to do with my life anymore. Why does my life have to be like this? Me and Smartie shared a special bond but now I will never see him again. Thanks for a lovely life with you, Smartie boy.

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