Year 5 Harlem Shake – World Book Day

Yesterday, we were discussing music and how we listen to it today. Youtube was mentioned, which is how lots of us hear new songs. One thing that happens today is ‘going viral’, which means songs or videos get viewed by millions of people in a short space of time.

One recent example of this is the Harlem Shake. Football teams, armies, colleges and schools have now done their own versions, and yesterday we watched Davyhulme Primary School do theirs. Maria suggested recording one of our own for World Book Day – so here it is!

harlemshake from St. Joseph’s Primary on Vimeo.

41 thoughts on “Year 5 Harlem Shake – World Book Day

  1. Wow, that looked like lots of fun Year 5! I think Mr Connor has been practising in his spare time! Well done everyone, I hope you enjoyed World Book Day.

  2. Year 5, you have made my day! This is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. I don’t know how you managed to keep a straight face when Mr Connor was dancing. I’m going to show your post to my class tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your video went viral?

  3. This is absolutely fantastic. I really want to do one with my class. You are all such wonderful movers and you all managed to concentrate on reading whilst Mr Connor and Luke were dancing. Loved it!

  4. Wow! I hate being poorly, if I wasn’t poorly I could of done that! All well. Why is Dylan.F dressed like that? Does Mrs Churchill know you were on tables? 🙂

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