A Shakespear Spell

Warning not for the squeamish may include gory things .


Rat’s fleas and a humans knees

Then add some mouldy cheese

Monkeys brain and elephants skin

Mix them up and add some gin

Snake leftover and lovely heart

Then just add some dogs fart

Kittens teeth and teachers tounge

Then your couldren will really pong

Boil boil toil and trouble

Fire burn and couldren bubble


Add a wart then some poo

Then an adders scale and mouse doo

A bats wing and toe of a frog

Then 10 spikes of a hedgehog

Lizard tounge and owls claw

Then just add some eggs times four

Tooth of shark and tail of dog

Then the flesh from an warthog

Boil boil toil and troubel

Fire burn and couldren bubble


Cats snot straight from the nose

Then a pile of hamsters toes

The eye of a poisonous frog

Then a some mud from a dead dog

A dead tigers mouldy brain

A man who has gone conpleatley insane

Some  mouldy muddy frogspawn

Muddy clothes only slightly worn

Boil boil toil and trouble

Fire burn and couldren bubble

7 thoughts on “A Shakespear Spell

  1. Annabel, you really have a great descriptive and gory imagination. All those spooky books you take out from the library are certainly having a fantastic impact on your writing. Well done, you remind me of myself when I was at school!!

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