St Peter

This is a post I have made about St Peter!

St Peter

Feast day:June 29

Saint off:churches

St  Peter was one of the apostles. Peter  was a fisherman. He had a brother called Andrew and had two friends called James and John .St Peter lived in Bethsaida, a village near the lake  of Galilee.   Jesus called him cephas which means rock .He was mentioned 195 times in the new testament. Jesus gave him the opportunity to be  in-charge of the churches and he holds the keys to heaven.Peter was in jail for three or  four times but then he was sentenced to death.He was crucified  upside down because he thought it was not right to be like Jesus.



4 thoughts on “St Peter

  1. Why do people have to kill so much saints? I don’t get it. He was living a great life and he did everything right. Maybe the people thinks it was right to do what there doing.

    Also great fact file about St Peter

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