strange girl

100 word chalenge

Strange girl

A little girl screamed, and breaks all of her toys because she never gets what she wants.Her parents told her to leave.They kicked her out into the streets.On the way to the shops she felt disappointed in herself.She found £2 in her pocket, and arrived at the shop looking at all that  chocolate.She saw an old man at the till .She begged him to buy a lottery ticket.SHE WON!!!!!!But she was still not happy.She felt sorry for the poor old man.She decided to share the money with the old man.

9 thoughts on “strange girl

  1. This is an excellent entry into the 100wc Dylan. You have considered the girls feelings and shown that she isn’t as bad as she might have seemed at the beginning.

    You have improved your punctuation which is brilliant – but I wonder if you could think of starting your sentences in different ways in the future…

  2. I don’t know what to say Dylan but this peace of work
    is just magnificent Dylan you have worked really hard on your
    work haven’t you well done Dylan impressive.

  3. Powerful stuff, Dylan! You’ve included so many important points about money not buying happiness and the importance of sharing. Really well done!

    Mr Aldred, London, UK.

  4. Wow Dylan impressive! I would love it if I won the lottery but I’m too young 🙁 but that is a really good story

    How did you come up with the idea of that?

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