My story

Before Sunrise

As night fell in the unknown city, the gloomy clouds streaked across the sky, darkening the streets. My friends enjoyed being the kings of the town. I couldn’t do it and stay with them, they always pick on me. I am not apart of them.I had to go, there was  no reason to stay with them.

Lurking through the streets, a glow hit my eyes. I stopped and thought for a minute. I thought how could I go back, my friends wouldn’t miss me. I felt a sudden urge to go on an adventure it is what I always wanted to do. The corner of my eye caught something amazing! It was as if it was calling my name but nothing ever would call me. I quickly dashed in and a gleaming light flickered before me.

I secretly tiptoed in and I heard a most gigantic sound. It was an  old beady man snoring . I climbed up the steep man and saw her my love of my life. She lit up my world, her gazing eyes glowed before me. I got closer and closer her face glittered with joy, we both saw the embarrassment but as I touched her she. . .

She burnt me! I couldn’t stay with her., I had to go.

I climbed back up the pipe I felt lost and cold, I sat on the hillside and gazed at  the moon.

As quick as my life content, the world went dark and a warm feeling went cold. I slid down the pipe and saw there was no light. she had gone I shouldn’t of walked away. Suddenly a like flicked on, but it wasn’t her.

The man came down with a scary looking grin on his face and saw me. I was so scared of what he would do to me!! I quickly dropped down. When I opened my eyes it was all dark, I couldn’t move I couldn’t breathe. I felt like I was all of a sudden in a different dimension.That was the feeling of my heart breaking. Was it the end?


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