My Holiday

On the First of April I went to the cinema With my two friends we went for Oz Great and powerful.
The next day it was my Birthday I played with my friends and we had lot of fun we ate lots of sweet s and we played on the Playstation.
Then after some days My friend Julia came to my friends house and we were playing together and then we had a sleepover together.

3 thoughts on “My Holiday

  1. Wow it sounds like you have had a packed holiday.I also went to see Oz the great and powerful to it is great with a real twist on who he is.What was your favourite part?It sounds like you had a good birthday and I hope you did.What stuff did you get for you birthday?Thank you writing about this as it is very interesting!

    • My Favourite part was when Oz went to the diffrent world.
      For my Birthday I got Sims 3 Generations,Ice watch and Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.

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