My Trip to the Cinema

My mum was working so my cousin took me and my brother to the cinema to see Jack the giant slayer.

It was really good, my favourite bit was when the giant came underneath the castle and Jack and the princess had to kill him.

The bits that are funny are when the soldiers are talking and one turns around and see the giants, then he faints.

I would recommend going to see this film Jack and Giant slayer trailer



One thought on “My Trip to the Cinema

  1. Wow this sounds like a great film.I watched the trailer and I wish I could see it .I love the way you have included the bits you thought were good or funny.What type of film do you think it is e.g. adventure, action, comedy? What age would you rate it at? What, in your opinion, is the scariest bit?

    Could you have added any more detail about how good it is?

    Well Done!

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