G I Joe Film

Over the holidays I have also been to see G I Joe film.

This film was really good and it had lots of action in it.

I went with my mum and my cousin.

I really enjoyed the fighting and watching all the back flips and movements that the martial art and stunt men did, I can do some of them and have been practising my back flips.

The rock is really good in the film and my mum and cousin were laughing because Bruce Willis is in the film and my dad looks like him, but only because he has no hair.

I would recommend going to see this film it is really good G I Joe trailer

2 thoughts on “G I Joe Film

  1. Wow G.I.Joe sound like a gripping film that would leave you at the end of your seat.I searched a picture of Bruce Willis and he does look like your dad.As you want to be a stunt man when you are older did all the flips inspire you to try harder with you acrobatics. Could you do any more of the fighting moves in the films?What was your favourite bit?

  2. thanks Lucy my dad enjoyed your comment. Yes it did enspire me even more with the cool flips tricks and fighting. 🙂

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