Spike becomes 2 years old

I have blogged about my bearded dragon Spike before but I wanted to update on his growth and ageing.

Before they are 2 years old bearded dragons can not see and recognise water so we have had to make sure Spike has food that has water in it, like cucumber, grapes and salad leaves.

But the other day Spike who is around  2 years old had for the first time a drink of water, so it is a really important change in his growth and ageing.

3 thoughts on “Spike becomes 2 years old

  1. Wow the second year of a bearded dragon sounds very significant.I love the way you have chosen to do an update after your report that was full of information.Is that picture on it yours or of the internet?If it is yours it is amazing, clear with good lighting.As you are a digital leader please could you show me how to put your own pictures on the blog.Thank you for teaching me something new as I never new about the fact they can not see water before they are two.Is there anything else that makes the bearded dragons second year significant?

    Well Done!

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