London – Kew Gardens

Last summer I went to London with my mum, my brother Fin and my aunt Geraldine. We stayed in a hotel for 2 days near Kew gardens

It was really good and we got to see all around London as well as all around Kew.

I really enjoyed it at Kew there was lots to see and do I liked climbing the trees and seeing all the different plants and flowers.

They have really weird and strange flowers and cacti at Kew and things that don’t grow any where else in this country.

P1070085” alt=”Princess Diana Memorial Hot House – Cacti” />

This Picture was in the Princess Diana Memorial Hot House, They had some tanks with different tropical fish, and animals in as well.

They have a water tray outside the Hot House and There were Mud Puppies in it that I tried to catch. They are a bit like a small fish and a bit like newts.


We went for a walk in the tree canopy it is a big tall bridge that goes around the trees and you can see all around Kew and look at all the trees

This is another green house we are about 30 feet up and all these plants are really big like in a real rain forest.


In the Evening we walked around London seeing all the sites like Trafalgar square, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace

P1070186” alt=”Big Ben” />

P1070192” alt=”Buckingham Palace” />

This is a Guard along the way to the Palace

P1070185” alt=”” />

The next day we went to the Natural History Museum, it is full of animals and things about the natural world, like plants and trees and how things have changed.

These are some of the things we saw

P1070208” alt=”Whale – National History/Science Museum” />

P1070210” alt=”National science museum” />

P1070209” alt=”” />

P1070197” alt=”” />

This is an escalator that goes up into the earth, and then they have a shop set up so that you can feel a earth quake and everything moves and shakes around you

P1070201” alt=”” />

I really enjoyed my trip to London and I want to go and stay again there is lots to do and see.

My favourite place I went to was Kew Garden because they had lots to do and you can run around and climb trees and see all the animals and birds, it was a lot better then the museum because all the animals were dead there apart from some ants that were giant leave cutting ants, they were really good and you could see them in their nest.

I liked St. James park and Hyde Park they were good to.

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  1. Wow, thats awesome! I went to London last year and we went to the Natural History Museum. It was really cool. At the gift shop I got a white marble snake egg. I wonder if you saw the brain… Did you see the dinosour at the entrance? Did you visit Harrods in London?
    Layla 🙂

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