100 word challenge

Jim was planing how to steal the spaceship at night.The next day, he woke up. As soon as he got to the spacecenter he stole the spaceship. Jim ┬ástarted the engine and flue to the moon.He saw a shadow it came closer and closer until it attaked him but then Jim said “he was a freand“.So he offered a peace offering so. He could make up for his masteken .Just then a huge meteor hedded for earth.The alien said sommthing in alien lagguge he understanded that he will help him. Just then a huge army off aliens was marching…

2 thoughts on “100 word challenge

  1. Hi Daniel,

    Thank you entering the 100 Word Challenge this week, I really enjoyed reading your piece of writing. I’m not sure if stealing a spaceship was the right thing for Jim to do but he certainly had quite an adventure. You’ve used some good vocabulary in your writing. You have made one or two spelling mistakes, so next time remember to check through your work carefully or ask a friend to help you.

    Well done.
    Mrs Stones

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