The Mysterious Disappearance -100wc

Packing my lunch , I was ready for my daily trip to the moon . Steve , my alien best friend , lived there . I packed two ham and cheese sandwiches and two apples . Grabbing my lunch box , I ran towards the door clutching my magic flying flag .

In seconds , I was flying through the galaxy watching shooting stars flying past my head . When I reached my destination I saw Steve waiting for me . We rushed to the dining lump and started eating . After an hour or two , everything food wise had gone . Everything had disappeared including my flying flag . I was stranded !

3 thoughts on “The Mysterious Disappearance -100wc

  1. This is a very good story Annabel.
    I like the way that you ended with a cliffhanger.
    Can you tell me more about the alien. What did he look like and what did he do when you were stranded? Did he help or did he like that you were stranded with him?
    Well done! 🙂

  2. What an exciting 100 word challenge!Well done it is very imaginative and snappy!It is also very creative.Well done Annabel! ;¬)

  3. I really enjoyed your 100 word challenge Annabel. I wonder if your alien friend will help you return to planet Earth??
    Keep up the fabulous writing.

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