100 Word Challenge – Annabelle

MarcusOnTheMoon Week#26



“Wee, woo, Wee, Woo” I love bouncing on the moon. “What’s over there?” It looked like a blue shadowy figure. Daringly, I moved closer. It turned around. It told me it’s name, it said it’s name was “BouncyAggressiveReclessRobYacht” but I called it Barry for short. I noticed Barry had a picnic with him. I asked him if we could share it. Barry hesitated but eventually said “Yes.” For lunch we had: tuna sandwiches, cheese strings and we did have an apple but it floated away.

Barry yawned I thought he was going to eat me. Could this be the end?

2 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge – Annabelle

  1. Annabelle, this is really well written! I love the informal, friendly tone of the story. I also love the alien’s name – very creative!! The ending is clever, you finished it off leaving your reader guessing what happens. I think that perhaps you could improve it by thinking about the layout more – maybe starting a new line when you wrote ‘For lunch…’
    Very well done, I enjoyed reading your work this week.
    Mrs Prior – Team 100WC

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