The last survivor,Og

This is my 100 word challenge.

I squinted at the rocket as it launched into space.Darkness filled the air for seconds,but then light burst out!I waited for ages,then ran!My little legs dragged my lumpy body.My house was in sight.I shimmed on to the roof to get a closer look at this war creator.The alien revolution died in the past.Humans won.My world changed in days, and weeks, and months.He spotted my house and I edged closer to get a better look.After a while we made friends.I gave him a apple, poison filled his body.

5 thoughts on “The last survivor,Og

  1. Hello Luke,

    We really enjoyed this piece of work. We liked it when you wrote `I squinted at the rocket as it launched into space.`
    To improve, when you wrote `Darkness filled the air for seconds and you wrote a comma, you didn’t need to write the comment because you used but which is a connective. Also when you wrote `My world changed for days,and weeks and so on, you shouldn’t of wrote and because you use a comma for a list you only write an and for the last section of the list. Apart from that, we really liked your story.
    From Heggan and Alana.

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